Message from the Head of DivisionMessage from the Head of Division

Masahiro Yamaguchi

Masahiro Yamaguchi

Tohoku University Special Advisor (for International Affairs)
Head of the Division for International Joint Graduate School Programs

The International Joint Graduate School Programs have been / will be established under the Division for International Joint Graduate Degree Programs, through strong collaboration with influential universities overseas in order to spread Tohoku University's expertise beyond the bounds of existing educational systems. Based on an analysis of Tohoku University's potential and strengths, the programs' fields will tackle issues and global problems confronting humanity, promise future development, and lead the global community, exhibiting the capabilities of Tohoku University.

The International Joint Graduate School Programs have the following significant characteristics: (1) Meet present needs and cultivate highly capable human resources across the world; (2) Develop cutting-edge educational programs which also increase our research abilities; (3) Create an intellectual foundation for the future, support international competition, and create innovation to aid in the creation of a sustainable global society.

Systematic and organic joint international education will be implemented in all programs, in cooperation with several international universities and through schemes such as joint educational research, joint classes, internships, and summer school programs. A joint instructional system will employ full-time teachers through international recruitment, as well as assignment of prominent professors via joint appointment and yearly contract systems.

Furthermore, students who complete a jointly supervised degree program based on a partnership agreement between Tohoku University and an overseas institution will get a certificate signed by both universities' Presidents. Also, students who complete a double degree or joint degree will be conferred the suitable degree(s). Economic assistance meeting international standards is also provided for students who participate in the program, establishing an environment where outstanding students can gather, not only from Japan but from all over the world.

The International Joint Graduate School Programs division pioneered the field of spintronics, an important subject in the field of material science, demonstrating the strength of our university. In the future, this division will launch and implement at least seven programs to develop initiatives throughout the entire university.